Privilege Blindness: The Dark Secret of Ratan Tata’s Success!

Image by Creative Hatti from Pixabay

Did you know your granny was/is smarter than you? Just because you are born in the internet era and you can dive into knowledge from different sources, you might feel how cool you're. Yes, you're smart, but don't you think if your granny got the same privilege, then she could not differ from you, or maybe be better than you? Okay, let me make it more clear to you. Take the example of Ratan Tata. Don’t get furious with his name being used to reveal the blind spot of humans. Even Ratan Tata once said that he was privileged. Here are a few questions-cum-arguments that will help you introspect the fact that Ratan Tata is privileged.

I. What if he’s not the part of Tata Group? (Under Jamsetji Tata & Naval Tata)

II. What if he didn't do his graduation from Riverdale Country School in New York City? (How many of you know who goes to NY for graduation, rethink the same for the time frame of 1959? There must be very few, but Ratan Tata was one of them)

III. What if he didn't receive a degree in architecture from Cornell University? (Cornell University is ranked #22 in World University Rankings 2021)

IV. What if he didn't attend the seven-week Advanced Management Program at Harvard Business School? (Harvard is still a dream for millions in India. Back then, it must be a part of a highly privileged thing)

V. Forget about all these. Just think, what if Ratan was born in 2008, the year of the Mumbai Terrorist attacks on the Taj Hotel? (Till 2022, Instagram Reels can have distracted him or might he learn to cook and search for a job in another Tata Group of hotels)

Look, I'm not against all these privileges a person gets in his lifetime. The problem is in acknowledgement and self-awareness. Someone can channelise this privilege to make more common people get the same privilege and start the race from the same position. Glad to see this is what Ratan Tata is doing through philanthropy. He is addressing the inequality of opportunity. He acknowledges and addresses the systemic advantages and disadvantages that people experience daily. For leaders, recognizing their Privilege Blindness can help to reduce the impact of bias and create a more level playing field for everyone. Being advantaged through the race, gender and opportunity come with a responsibility to do something about changing a system that unfairly disadvantages others.

Here we come, hatching a bubble of thoughts and doing very little on hand with so many advantages we get. Do remember the greatest tool of this generation got is ‘Information & Data’, with a click we’ll get a piece of precious information, with 3- click we can order books from Amazon, with 4–5 clicks + 10 mins wait can deliver us our groceries and we're just a click and 30 mins away from our lunch but we hardly know how to google, how to use those data and advantages for our benefits because we're not aware of these benefits we’re getting being a Genz. Therefore, we’ve Privilege Blindness even a bit, but it is.



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